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AI + Photo Books:

a memorable combination.

Storyo SDK automatically finds the stories in your camera roll, selects the best photos, mixes in contextual data, like maps and labels to create the best photo album.



Storyo SDK for photo selection and storytelling is a c++ framework wrapped-up with a c interface with wrappers for native environments (iOS and Android). To use it, all it takes is a call a native library that hides all the details of the integration (Swift / Objective-c for iOS, Java for Android) .


The SDK is 100% prepared to work with Deep Learning in automatic curation flow by running models locally like CoreML in iOS or Firebase ML Kit in Android or by consuming an online service like Google Vision. Because models can occupy more space than it is allowed in your app bundle, Deep Learning works as a set of plugable units that can be fully or partially added to your app or even prepared to be pulled from the web in runtime.  


The framework runs 100% on the device and third-party services can be required for map creation, historical weather information and Facebook SDK.  


Several photo data sources can be used as the driver of the narrative like Google Photos or custom Cloud infrastructure. The SDK only requires that cloud services give access to both photo meta-information (date taken, latitude and longitude) and image.




Auto Stories

Storyo organizes all the photos in a camera roll into a chronological list of stories.


Photo Selection

Selects the best and most relevant photos from each story.



Curates a narrative, adding maps, weather info, Facebook posts, etc


Book Structure

Creates a structure much like a book since stories are organised in a hierarchy of chapters and sub-chapters.

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