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Manuel Costa

CTO, Storyo

Jan 28 . 14 min read

Automatic Photo Curation through Storytelling and Deep Learning

"Every company needs to be an AI company, and photo book companies are no exception. We’re inspired by “great, unsolved questions” around photography and storytelling, so here’s our take on how on-device AI, deep learning, and neural networks can be leveraged to create the next generation of photo printing products."

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Leonel Duarte

CCO, Storyo

Fev 21 . 9 min read

Data-driven storytelling based on photo metadata

"How Storyo is using our digital footprint and AI to create stories using photos and contextual data to power photo products"

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Manuel Costa

CTO, Storyo

Mar 1 . 14 min read

Automatic Curation of Photo Memories through Unsupervised Learning

"Automatic discover of stories based on a device camera roll or a cloud backup system became an important strategy to increase return rate of apps dealing with photos and photo memories in particular."

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