World’s most advanced storytelling engine is now available for easy integration.

Introducing Storyo’s patented AI-powered photo curation, selection and storytelling engine. Our state-of-the-art SDK automatically finds stories in camera rolls, selects the best photos, mixes in contextual data (like maps and labels) and curates everything on-device into a video or photo book memory that will last a lifetime. It’s what happens when memories meet artificial intelligence.


Automatic Story Discovery


Organizing photo libraries to increase sales opportunities 

foto selection.png
Best Photo Selection


Better photos make for better conversion

deep learning.png
Photo Content Analysis


Leveraging pluggable Deep Learning models



Adding tidbits of context makes all the difference


Longer or shorter stories no matter how many photos

for Photo Books

Want to get (automatically) more photobooks all the way to checkout?


Storyo’s Native SDK for Photo Books is an SDK to turn your app into an automatic photo book builder. It tackles the market’s biggest challenge – the amount of time & effort it takes users to create beautiful and meaningful photobooks – getting your photo books to payout and increasing your topline sales.


for Video Stories

Want to produce beautifully (automatic) videos without doing much at all?


Storyo’s Native SDK for Video is an SDK to turn your app into an automatic video editor. Photos, locations, music, maps, weather, all come together to help your users relive their memories  – while celebrating your brand.

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